Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nothing Like a Tornado to Put Things in Perspective

I was just reading some news stories from Joplin about the devastation from the latest tornado. I can't believe what these poor families are going through. One story was about a husband shielding his wife from debris...he didn't survive a puncture wound through his back. They were high school sweet hearts. So many horrible, heart breaking tragedies from this storm. I'm grieved for everyone trying to recover from these storms and I'm grieved at how quickly I can look dismally at my situation when I have such a beautiful, incredible life.

This morning I took Ethan for a lovely little stroll through the Fens (a park and waterway in our neighborhood). I decided it was a good morning to just savor a bit of life. We watched several families of geese eating on the lawns. The little goslings were fluffy yellow and so cute. One pair of geese had 15 goslings!! Talk about a big family! It made me think about how infertility has increased my appreciation for life and for large families. I just so value children and deeply appreciate the families that are willing to embrace those miracles even when it's counter cultural. I also saw a couple pregnant women walking to school or work and thought about how amazing it is that women were created to literally carry and give life! It's crazy....crazy amazing.

Back to being thankful today.

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