Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Longer Scared of Needles

This morning I had my blood taken--6 vials--to re-test my hormones levels. I'm praying that these results paint a different picture than the blood work I had done in Israel. Not that the blood test I had done there weren't accurate, I'm just hoping that a miracle has happened and I'm NOT in early ovarian failure!

As I walked to the lab this morning, I thought about how many blood test I've done between my difficult pregnancy and secondary infertility. I almost laughed out loud when I thought about how scared I used to be of needles and shots. The idea of getting blood drawn would have sent me into a mental panic 15 years ago. Not today. Today, without flinching, I chatted with the nurse about her 18 month old daughter and the expense of childcare in Boston, while she drew my blood. Women will endure lots of poking and prodding and testing and pregnancy and difficult deliveries, just to have a sweet baby. That's how God made us...incredibly resilient and strong for the task at hand!

So on top of getting ready for my 10 day trip to Israel, I have to have several test done this week. You don't get to choose the timing of infertility testing. It all depends on your cycle and in my experience, just like a period, it comes at the most inconvenient times! BUT, I'm actually really thankful that I'm able to do the testing this month, because I missed the window of opportunity last month with all my traveling. We're hoping to have all the diagnostic testing behind us before our insurance changes in August. Thanks in advance for your prayers that all will go well and I'll get a more hopeful report this week!

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