Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"You're late...but you're also pregnant!"

Our culture lives in the "now" and most of us don't enjoy reviewing our personal history. What I'm learning in blogging our story of the last 6 years, is that it reminds me of all the ways God has been faithful in our life. I'm more thankful looking back then I was in the moment. Not only is April a national campaigning month to bring awareness to infertility, it is also the month we're celebrating Passover. God did a mighty act in bringing His children out of Egypt and He has done some mighty things in my life too. So I'm remembering and retelling. I encourage you to do the same!

And funny I should mention Passover because that's where I left off with yesterday's blog. It was Passover break 4 years ago (and 2 years into our marriage) that we flew home to the States and enjoyed a week vacation with our families. We met up with some dear, dear friends from Kansas City and we shared with them our desire for a child. They prayed over me and asked God to open my womb. That week, our first miracle happened...although, I wouldn't know for a couple more weeks! We got back to Israel and I prepared from my next ObGyn appointment where I would start taking medication to induce ovulation. It may not seem like a long time to be trying, but medically speaking, if you have been trying to conceive for a year, you can seek treatment. We actually waited almost two years because I wanted to be conservative in seeking treatment for a number of reasons.

The day of my doctor's appointment, I was running errands in Haifa, I remember exactly the spot I was driving when I thought to myself, "I'll just go home and take a pregnancy test because my period was supposed to start today and it hasn't yet." It was day 28 of my cycle. So when I got home, I peed on the stick and nothing line. I began chastising myself for taking ANOTHER unnecessary test, "Kaitlin, why can't you be you just wasted $10.00 for nothing!" I went back into the bathroom where I had left the stick on the floor. I looked down and there was the faintest 2nd line...I almost had to imagine it! BUT I quickly got on the computer and googled "faint line on pregnancy test." When I learned that this was positive, I called David who had a rather awkward reaction because he was surrounded by classmates. He said, "Really? Okay, I'll come right home!"

We rushed to our doctor's appt., walked in late with test in hand, and the doctor looked at me and said, "You're late." I just handed her the test and she said, "You're also pregnant!" She smiled and said, "See, all it takes is a little faith." We were sooooo excited, we didn't wait a day to start telling our closest friends. I waited till Mother's Day in May to tell my mom and mother-in-law. Thus began our journey with our little peanut. And a month later, my best friend got pregnant with her son as well. We had taken several walks down the coast of the Mediterranean, dreaming about starting our families. I had already been trying for a year when we met, and she had come to Israel newly married. We were VERY excited to be sharing the miracle of pregnancy together!

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