Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's So Wonderful About Christmas?

Delayed gratification.

As I put away the Christmas tree, I contemplated what makes these little green things, covered in lights, so wonderful in the first place. I mean, why do they elicit such warm, fuzzy feelings and make us feel happy? I started imagining what we could do every month of the year so that we could feel as great as we do in December. And then it hit me that the specialness of Christmas, is in large part, because it only comes once a year.

Then, later as I unloaded the dishwasher, I was thinking about how grateful I compared to 10 years ago, and I realized that the greatest gift from infertility and days and months and years of waiting, was deeper gratitude. I appreciate both the meaningful and menial task of being a mother so much more than I would have, had my children come right when I wanted them.

So I'm thinking now that I'm really not doing my children any great service in giving them what they want exactly in the time they want it. In fact, one of the biggest and hardest adjustments for E, when the twins arrived, was not getting the snack or drink he asked for directly after he asked for it! I didn't know that catering to him would mean a harder lesson in patience and difference later. There is something greater I can give my children, along with the gift or whatever they ask for, if I just prayerfully look for the best time...

I can give them the gift of hearts bursting with gratitude.

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